College is viewed as a necessity, yet priced as a luxury.

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I think strength is a choice.

Sometimes it seems like the easy thing to do is break down and surrender to life’s complications. It’s so easy to want to pity yourself for everything going wrong. Sadistically, we find some sort of comfort in allowing ourselves to bathe in our misery. But then I think to myself, what’s the point if that? What is breaking down going to accomplish? Pick yourself up and choose to be strong in this circumstance. Don’t be so easily defeated. You have your youth, your health, and your whole life ahead of you to fix things for the better. If you can’t handle little bumps in the road, you’re not going to make it very far in life. So choose to be strong, believe in yourself, and just keep going.

do you ever wonder how many people have had a crush on you and never told you

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I think cheek kisses are really cute. I don’t know why. There’s something really sweet and innocent about a kiss on the cheek. Sometimes they’re nicer than lip kisses. I like cheek kisses. Cheek kisses are cute.

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i would take naps in forests every day if bugs didnt exist 

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